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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Instagram have launch the intagram lite app on android and ios

Few years back when facebook launch it facebook lite around 2015, now they decided to launch the instagram lite seven days,
New instagram lite app

 after now this app has a very low rate in size its around 573KB compare to the main app of 32Mb on play store.

including it features are all awesome the only thing is that you can't share videos or add Messages but the company are planning on including those features very soon.

 Despite from sharing videos you can share multiple stories which will only appear after 24hours and then it disappear also watch stories from the people you follow at the top haeder bar of your feed and lot more.

New instagram lite app

 "Why is this lite app so important" well I will say it very important moreover so important for those who's device are the old types with have a low_space of RAM OR ROM.

 Facebook are not the only company with lite app there are many companies like twitter, skype including "Google Go" Search app.

 Instagram lite are restricted in some part it was only tested in "mexico" but will still be available In all the counties

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