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Thursday, July 12, 2018

"iOS" Turns 10 best iPhone apps since 2008.

Iphone IOS turns

The "IOS store" (iPhone OS store) was officially launched on 10 july 2008 which stand to be the best app ever on iphone device.

 Iphone celebrate 10 years anniversary this recent week.

 As at the time this app was launded it was launched with only 500 apps and then later increases to 15,000 apps four month later.

 But now I can say this "ios" store today now has more Than 2 million apps available.

 When ios store was introduced the best apps downloaded was

   1. PhoneSaber
  This app is use to pull your device to friends. When your device is been wave it will vibrate or make a specific sound. Also free to download app.

 2. Evernote
 A text note, not just text note also let you Make snapshots, audio notes which can be placed in one sync-able. The Evernote is one of the essential app up still date for note making on iphone store. also free to download.

 3. The Crash Bandicoot
 Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D is a game app and one of the most download apps on ios store this game is not free it cost only $2.99.

 4. Rolando
 Rolando was one of the best game app on iphone store which worth $0.99.

5. BoxOffice
 BoxOffice a go to app for movie showtime but unfortunately it no longer exist any longer.

 Facebook is the most popular apps of all time on ios store then follow by facebook messenger with others apps like instagram, google map, skype, whatsapp messenger, twitter, wishart, youtube and snapchat.

 But now let come to talk about the most download app on Ios store Half a billion people have installed candy Crush Saga which make it stand as the number one most download app.


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