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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Airtel double Data plan how to activate it

Not long ago when I posted about the 9mobile cheapest data plan that works perfectly fine, but I must say all the networks are now really trying there best in improving there effort like that of the GloOgaSim which gives 125℅ bonus for every data purchased.

But now am bringing to you the Airtel double data that gives you 2times of your data subscription.
Let say your normal subscription for data was 1.5GB at a low rate of 1000 naira but now the new double data will give you 2times that is you will be rewarded 3GB instantly.

Airtel double data

How to active this double data is pretty simple to follow all you have to do is just text "GET" to 141 as SMS once that is done uou will receive an alart that the air tel double data plan is successful activated and will be active for 6 month on your line.

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