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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Easy way to hide your file's without using any app

I discover a lot of people really don't realized that you could hide your file's without using any app's on your smartphone all you need is just a little trick and nothing more.

How to hide your files or ducument on android

Why should you hide your file.

Though it's not necessary to hide files but at the other hand it is necessary because not all files are supposed to be exposed for security reason.

I will be showing you how to hide your secret files in a simple step and not stressful.
It also give you a change or save your data.

Now let go to the real business.

For starting I assumed your phone should be at the "HOME ICON"
Now tap on the "MENU" bar and then stroll to your "FILE MANAGER" I suppose you all should no were your file Manager are located after that kindly click on it and you will be shown lot of folders.

Locate and select whatever file or document you which to hide
Now "TAP" and hold on the file till it pop-up, then you can now "MOVE" or "COPY" the file to another folder.

Now tap and hold on the same folder you copied your secret file too till it pop up as well, then click on rename.

Renaming a folder in the file manager

Now this part is the most essential part  after you have clicked on rename you can now rename the folder with Whatever name that suit your taste but remember you have to add a "DOT" symbol before any sentence.
Rename a folder

Then click "OK" your document have been successful hidden.

You might be wondering how you could locate your hidden files that simple all you have too do is click on the "ICON" at the top right corner of your mobile device.

Click on the top right icon

Then click on it.

Once you have done that it will show you various this just stroll down to "SETTINGS" then click it will automatically take you to another section.
Tap on the little box to make changes
Now top on the little box to show you the hidden documents and that all about that if you what to hide again just tap on the same box.

I hope this tutorial was helpful,


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