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Saturday, January 12, 2019

IMDb has announced a new video streaming service which will be launched.


IMDb which is popularly known as a website that shows millions of movies online is now introducing a new video streaming service called “Freedive” a free video streaming which will be supported with Ads, that is this service will be free of charge with no cost but will be Ads-supported.

IMDb Freedive service

This services will offer full-length movies and television shows, well this service will only be available in the US for now but other countries like Nigeria and so on, the service will be available to them later.

However there might be some little trick you could use to stream those videos freely in other countries apart from US.

Sorry I wouldn’t share that with you now, but That will be in my next post.

IMDb featured Television programs such as The Bachelor, Hero’s and  Hollywood movies like  The Illusionist, Awakenings , Foxcatcher , True Romance, Run Lola Run , Monster , The Last Samurai , and Memento. Etc.

The free service will be available in the IMDb website and the amazon TV device or any latest IMDb mobile apps on android devices and iOS device we the number of TV channel that well be shown was never listed.

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